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Texas Appeals Court Gives Trans-Widow Control of Late Husband's Estate
A Texas Court of Appeals overruled a lower court's ruling nullifying the marriage between a Texas trans-woman and her late husband Thomas Araguz. Now the estate is bestowed to widow Nikki Araguz, who was caught in a legal battle over the estate with her deceased husband's mother and ex-wife prior to this ruling.

Sister lets Mom's house waste away for lack of legal action
Prior to her death in 2006, a mother had named her eldest daughter Executor of her Will. The two younger sisters want to know their rights, as the Executor has moved out of San Antonio, Texas and the house they grew up in is unoccupied and rotting. How can they get the Will probated and everything settled?

Discovery of uncle's will years late raises question
A man in Texas died without a will in 2006. Then after 7 years his will is found and it conflicts with the distribution of property . what happens?

How Long After One's Passing May a Will be Admitted to Probate in TX?
The time frame after death of a testator during which a will may be filed with a Texas probate court is generally 4 years, though there are exceptions to this general rule. The article also discusses how the new Texas Estates Code would impact such situations.

New Generation of Female Farm Owners in TX Confront Business Issues
Increasingly, women are managing farms throughout Texas. As they hone their management and farming skills, they are becoming more interested in financial and estate planning issues as well.

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