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Cramp Law Firm, located in San Antonio, Texas, was founded by James (Jim) Cramp to support families through a broad spectrum of legal difficulties. Having spent almost 30 years in military service, from which he retired as a colonel, Jim has a particularly strong commitment to serving military and federal civil service families.

San Antonio, TX Family Law Attorney

He is a powerful advocate for families who have borne more than their share of stress due to their devotion to their country. His understanding of the complexity of family relationships in the context of added stress is what makes him not only remarkably competent, but caring and compassionate as well, whatever the background of the family he seeks to assist.

Jim's commitment to the families he represents is evident in every aspect of his legal expertise. His in-depth understanding of family dynamics, coupled with his intricate knowledge of the law, enables him to vigorously represent both military and civilian clients in all of the following areas:

Divorce -- Jim delineates several individual aspects of the divorce process. These include:

  • Consultation, including information-gathering and discussion of cost
  • Petition, preparation and filing of necessary paperwork
  • Service of process, delivery by a process server of a copy of the petition to the respondent
  • Answer, the respondent answers, perhaps with a counter-petition
  • Temporary orders, settle problems such as who remains in the residence, child support, etc.
  • Discovery, in which both sides exchange relevant data about income, assets, debts, objectives
  • Negotiation, during which both parties' attorneys, negotiate solutions to contentious issues
  • Trial, in the event that negotiating cannot resolve issues and the case has to proceed to court

Military Divorce -- A military divorce is more complex than a civilian divorce. It involves 16 key issues,

including military retirement pay, issues impacting military children, and Service members Civil Relief Act (SCRA).

Federal Civil Service Divorce -- Fifteen key issues distinguish a federal civil service divorce from other civilian divorces, including federal employees' health benefits, annuity refunds, pensions and disability retirement benefits.

Children's Issues -- Matters involving children during any type of divorce are usually very similar, including issues like custody, visitation, medical coverage, and child support.

Division of Community Property -- In Texas, while each spouse's paycheck is community property, the money each spouse has received as a gift or through inheritance does not become community property by virtue of the marriage. In order to prove that something is individual property, however, the spouse must prove that fact in a court of law.

Modification of Orders -- Requests for modification of child support agreements can be made by either party in divorce proceedings. Requests for increase of child support payments are generally made by custodial parents when noncustodial parents have an increase in salary or inherit or win a sizeable sum. Requests for decrease in child support are typically requested by noncustodial parents whose incomes have suddenly decreased due to illness or loss of employment.

Premarital & Marital Property Agreements -- Couples enter into prenuptial agreements to protect assets as solely their own in the event that the marriage dissolves. Child support, however, cannot be affected by such an agreement.

Estate Planning -- It is important for everyone to have a will in place because if you die without one (intestate) Texas law will step in to determine who inherits your property.

Probate -- If a person passes away with or without a will, that person's estate often goes through probate, a court-managed process to ensure that the deceased debts are paid and that transfer of ownership takes place.

If legal issues have arisen in your family due to divorce or estate planning, Cramp Law Firm is here to serve you with expertise and respect. Jim Cramp will help provide clarity to the sometimes muddy waters of divorce and estate planning. His concern with both defending your personal interests and understanding how much you want to keep your children healthy and safe is one of his unique strengths.

PUBLIC NOTICE:  Jim Cramp is the attorney who is responsible for the contents of this website.

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The Cramp Law Firm is located in San Antonio, Texas and assists clients throughout Bexar, Comal, Guadalupe and Kendall counties.

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