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Attorney James (Jim) Cramp knew when he left military service that he wanted to continue to help the people and families who serve our country. After wearing a military uniform for nearly 30 years, he couldn’t imagine no longer being a part of that community. That’s why the Cramp Law Firm, PLLC focuses on serving the legal needs of military and federal civil service families.

Jim’s ability to bring his personal experiences and legal training together make him one of the most well-respected, sought-after military divorce and Federal Civil Service divorce attorneys in Texas. Clients stationed around the globe seek him out, and other divorce attorneys regularly send him cases they think are “too complicated” because one or more parties involved serves in the military or works for the federal government.


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Jim's commitment to the families he represents is evident in every aspect of his legal expertise. His in-depth understanding of family dynamics, coupled with his intricate knowledge of the law, enables him to vigorously represent both military and civilian clients.
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Military & Federal Civil Service Divorce

Military Divorce is significantly different from “civilian” divorce. In fact, there are 16 key issues that differentiate military divorce from civilian divorce. Jim’s military background means he knows how to navigate the military bureaucracy as well as the legal system. He has written extensively on the topic and teaches its principles to law students and other attorneys. Cramp Law Firm helps veterans, active duty, guard, and reserve personnel, and spouses of military families get divorced.

Federal Civil Service Divorce also requires those seeking it to jump through extra hoops. Like military divorce, Federal Civil Service divorce has 15 key issues that distinguish it from other “civilian” divorces. Jim helps people who have worked for the federal government in the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) or Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) and their spouses craft plans for dividing annuities, former spouse survivor benefits, and other benefits so that Court orders will be approved by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

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Clarification of Retired Pay Awards

Clarification of Retired Pay Awards is one of the firm’s recognized areas of excellence. We specialize in drafting and submitting clarification orders for former spouses who have been informed by either DFAS or OPM that they must obtain such documents before they can get paid. Jim Cramp knows the ins and outs of both agencies and the regulations that apply to clarification orders. With your ex-spouse’s cooperation, you will be able to obtain your clarification order within a few weeks. If we have to litigate to obtain the document, the process will take longer. The first step in evaluating your need for a clarification order is asking for a copy of the decree and companion domestic relations order for former spouse military retired pay or a court order directed at your former spouse FERS annuity to identify the deficiencies in need of clarification. We do such evaluations at no cost. Once the evaluations are complete, we inform you of the cost and estimated time to complete the process. As always, our firm's military and Federal Civil Service discounts apply. The firm also drafts clarification orders for other attorneys throughout Texas.


Family Law

Having a supportive, knowledgeable attorney can make a tremendous difference in calming the troubled waters surrounding divorce. San Antonio Family Law Attorney, James (Jim) Cramp has the demeanor and empathy to enable resolution of divorce issues with as little friction and pain as possible. In the course of his work with divorcing couples, he shows a remarkable talent for concern and diplomacy in helping to resolve:

  • Children's Issues, including child custody, visitation, and child support
  • Spousal Maintenance and whether it is necessary
  • Division of Debts
  • Modification of Orders that are necessary as life circumstances change
  • Division of Community Property (in Texas all assets accumulated during marriage belong to “the community,” unless claims of separate property are proven)
  • Premarital & Marital Property Agreements that specify which particular assets belongs to one spouse, and not the other
  • Grandparent issues concerning visitation rights when permitted by law
  • Paternity Issues where paternity is questioned by either party
  • Family Violence, including incidents involving both spouses, or one spouse and children

Veteran returns home

If you need help obtaining a divorce or dealing with other family law matters, contact Cramp Law Firm by phone or our website contact form to schedule a free initial appointment.


Client Testimonials

Highly recommended, especially for..."military" divorce.

Highly recommended, especially for those going through "military" divorce. My original lawyer did not use the correct wording required by DFAS regarding division of retirement and I retained Jim to clean up her mess. He was organized, confident, and patient. Finally met a lawyer who earned my respect and whom I genuinely liked. Kudos also to Eileen, who had such a warm personality every time we spoke.

Mary K

...thoroughly professional and always sympathetic...

You all were thoroughly professional and always sympathetic to what I was going through. Definitively appreciated that. I cannot thank you enough for your kindness, thoughtfulness and total responsiveness. I have already passed your card to a spouse of a retired AF senior NCO whose marriage is unfortunately approaching a divorce situation.

Lisa F

During the worse of times, he makes the D word less stressful.

During the worse of times, he makes the D word less stressful. It was smooth, stress free and so convenient with the online ability to get and receive paperwork. He has a warm personality, a great knowledge of the laws, and sense of humor. He laughed at my jokes. Eileen is the most awesome person from the moment I called looking for an attorney to walking me through the process and hearing me vent during stressful moments. I am forever grateful to this team.

Nina H

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