Flat Fees

Whenever possible, we will handle your case on a flat fee basis.  After discussing the facts and objectives of your case, the flat fee quoted will be based on the attorney’s careful and honest assessment of the work involved.  You pay no more if the actual work exceeds our forecast.  The policy
enhances value for the client by eliminating uncertainty since fees are capped.

Hourly Fees

Some complex situations simply cannot be handled on a flat fee basis.  In those instances, we will quote an affordable hourly rate and provide an initial estimate of the work involved.  We will keep you updated regularly and seek your approval prior to working beyond agreed thresholds or decision points.  Hourly fees are billed in one-tenth of an hour increments (i.e. 6 minute increments).  This policy helps enhance value for the client by keeping costs down to the lowest level possible.  If the case resolves early, we refund the unused retainer back to the client.  While not every case gets a refund, in situations where it has occurred, we’ve written refunds checks from a few hundred dollars to more than two thousand dollars.  In short, our word is good — if the case resolves early, you get the unused retainer back.