San Antonio Family Law Attorney

As we all know, being a member of a family involves a broad spectrum of relationships, some warm and loving, some troublesome and divisive. When there is enough serious contention in a marriage for a couple to consider divorce, the stakes are high. Emotional and financial issues often result not only in great animosity between spouses, but in terrible tension throughout the household. The youngest members of the family are, all too often, the most torn apart by the family’s turbulence.

Having a supportive, knowledgeable family law attorney can make a tremendous difference in tamping down argumentative rhetoric and helping the divorcing spouses come to an agreement that is mutually satisfactory and that causes any children involved the least possible pain. San Antonio Family Law Attorney, James (Jim) Cramp is familiar with the psychological, as well as the legal, aspects of divorce, and is fully prepared to help you resolve your difficulties with as little friction as possible.

Jim is highly competent in all areas of family law, particularly those involving military families since he himself is a retired colonel, having served in the military for almost 30 years. He is adept in all family law matters, including the steps of the divorce process itself and also:

Children’s IssuesIssues involving children are always sensitive ones.  Jim Cramp is fully capable of helping to arrange custody, visitation, child support and medical support — in high income as well as more typical cases.

Division of Community PropertyIt is important to determine which spouse legally owns which portion of the couple’s property. While gifts or inheritances are considered individual property in Texas, money earned by either spouse as salary is part of community property.

Division of DebtsBoth spouses are responsible to creditors if both of their names are on particular accounts or credit cards. If it is agreed that one party is going to be solely responsible for paying a particular debt after a divorce, the joint account will have to be closed and another one opened in the responsible party’s name only. It should be noted that any debt brought into the marriage by one spouse (such as a large student loan) is considered a “premarital debt” for which only the party who borrowed the money is responsible.

Spousal MaintenanceSpousal support, or alimony, is not nearly so common as it once was, since both spouses are now usually considered employable, even if there are young children involved. The exceptions are in situations in which:

  • Proven domestic violence has occurred within two years of the lawsuit
  • The requesting spouse is unable to earn enough because of a physical or mental disability
  • The requesting spouse has to care for a child with a physical or mental disability
  • The requesting spouse has been married for 10 years and is unable to work due to lack of skills

Even if spousal maintenance is ordered, it is typically required for the shortest possible time.

Enforcement of OrdersJim Cramp may is an invaluable asset in matters of clarification of orders to resolve ambiguities or in appearing at contempt hearings when one spouse has been noncompliant with court orders.

Modification of Orders Modification of OrdersRequests for increase of child support payments are generally made by custodial parents when noncustodial parents have an increase in salary or inherit or win a sizeable sum of money. Requests for decrease in child support are typically requested by noncustodial parents whose incomes have decreased due to illness or loss of employment.

Premarital and Marital Property AgreementsCouples enter into prenuptial agreements to protect assets as solely their own in the event that the marriage dissolves. Child support, however, cannot legally be affected by such an agreement.

Grandparent Issues — Issues of grandparental visitation rights have been challenged several times, both when divorce is involved and when it is not. After a U.S. Supreme Court decision in 2000 that allowed a Washington State grandparents to override the mother’s decision restricting their visitation, it seemed that grandparental rights had trumped parental ones. Eventually, however, the Supreme Court reversed its decision, claiming that there was no proof the mother’s original decision had been in any way detrimental to her children and that parental rights were fundamentally guaranteed.

PaternityWhile it is possible in Texas to have paternity determined by the Office of the Attorney General’s (OAG’s) Child Support Division at no cost, you will still require an attorney if you are bringing a lawsuit to demand child support. Cramp Law Firm is prepared to assist you in obtaining support even if you have already used the free OAG service.

Family ViolenceBecause of the volatile nature of family disputes, all too many cases involve domestic violence. Some cases also involve accusations of domestic violence where none has taken place. For these reasons, Cramp Law Firm is able to help you with either to obtain a protective order or defend against one, depending on circumstances. You should be aware, though, that if criminal conduct is involved, Jim Cramp will refer you to a qualified criminal attorney, but will not take on your case himself.

With all the lawyer jokes that abound, it is nice to know that Jim Cramp is a straightforward attorney who is not only conscientious, but has a conscience as well. He is someone you can depend on when family troubles seem insurmountable, an attorney who will be honest as well as capable.