High Income Child Support Case Attorney San Antonio

Father holding daughter on his shoulders

First, a Word of Caution

If you’ve come to this section without reading the section on “Child Support—Typical cases,” then we suggest you go back and read that information first.  How child support is determined in high income cases builds upon the guidelines used in typical cases.  Otherwise, we’ll simply presume you’ve grasped how the guidelines work and move forward.  We acknowledge that how all this works is a bit more difficult to grasp, so don’t worry if you get confused along the way.  At the Cramp Law Firm, we understand how it all fits together.  We’ll be glad to walk you through it.

Two Components: How They Work Together to Determine Child Support

Proven needs of the child, ultimately, is the legal standard for high income cases.

Two components are added together to determine child support in high income cases.  Different standards apply to each component.