San Antonio TX Order of Protection Attorney

Family Violence Is A Serious Matter

The Texas Council on Family Violence states that nearly 178,000 incidents were reported to State and county law enforcement in 2011.  It is generally understood that many incidents, sadly, go unreported.

What an Order of Protection Order Can Do

The Texas Family Code specifies requirements for obtaining a Protective Order to help prevent the recurrence of family violence or dating violence.  For simplicity, we’ll only refer to family violence in the remainder of this section.  An order of protection can:

  • Order a person not to commit family violence;
  • Order a person not to come within a specified distance of your home, workplace or school.
  • Order a person not to communicate with you directly or indirectly in way that threatens, annoys, intimidates or harasses;
  • Require a person to move out if certain conditions are met regarding legal occupancy of the residence; and,
  • Provide other safeguards as ordered by the court.

Violation of a Protective Order can result in fines, jail time, court costs and attorney’s fees.

Obtaining an Order of Protection

If the only legal service you need is to obtain a Protective Order, then you may be able to obtain services at no cost from one of the following organizations:

  • Bexar County residents should consider applying for services with the Bexar County Family Justice Center (FJC).  The FJC also can refer those in need to other social services.  Contact the FJC at (210) 631-0100 or visit their website.
  • Comal County residents should consider applying for services with the Comal County Criminal District Attorney’s office.  Contact the Criminal District Attorney’s office at (830) 221-1300 or visit their website.
  • Guadalupe County residents should consider applying for services with the Guadalupe County Attorney’s office.  Contact the County Attorney’s office at (830) 303-6130 or visit their website.
  • Kendall County residents should consider applying for services with the Kendall County Attorney’s office.  Contact the Kendall County Attorney’s office at (830) 249-9343, extension 298 or 299 or visit their website.

While the Cramp Law Firm stands ready to help if you need us, it’s worth your time first looking into the possibility of obtaining legal services at no cost.

Protective Orders In Divorce Proceedings

The Cramp Law Firm can help you get a Protective Order as part of your divorce if the situation requires one.  The extra cost of obtaining a Protective Order as part of a divorce is minimal.

Defending Against Application for a Protective Order

The Cramp Law Firm stands ready to assist if you are the subject of another person’s application for a Protective Order.  The application is a civil matter and the hearing will be in civil court, not criminal court.

Defending Alleged Violations of a Protective Order

The Cramp Law Firm does not handle criminal cases, whether misdemeanor or felony.  If you are facing a charge in criminal court for allegedly violating a Protective Order, the Cramp Law Firm will be glad to refer your case to a qualified criminal attorney if you need assistance finding one. Contact us for a consultation.