Paternity Attorney San Antonio

Establishing Paternity

Free Services Through the Office of the Attorney General (OAG)

If the only legal issue you have is to determine the paternity of an alleged father, then you should consider filing for services with Texas’ Office of the Attorney General’s Child Support Division (OAG).  The OAG will provide paternity services to a mother—or an alleged father seeking rights—at no cost.  In doing so, be aware that the OAG will not represent the mother or alleged father.  The OAG’s client is the State of Texas.  And, Texas’ interest is to see that parents are legally identified and appropriately tasked with supporting their children.

What To Expect From the OAG

If paternity is legally established, expect the OAG to obtain a court order that determines custody, visitation, child support, and medical support.  The non-custodial parent typically is ordered to pay child support and provide medical support.  While the OAG will not represent you as its client (remember, Texas is its client), the OAG can answer questions after it accepts your case.  You must first apply for the OAG’s services either by mail or online.  Information about the application is available here.

We Can Help Too If You Need Us

The Cramp Law Firm will be glad to provide these same services to you—and we would represent you as a client if we accept your case.  The OAG, however, will do this at no cost.  Be aware that the OAG generally will not litigate complex matters, such as if a parent’s fitness to have custody or visitation is disputed bitterly.   Again, we’re here to help if you decide you need us.

Responding to a Paternity Action

The Cramp Law Firm stands ready to assist if you are the subject of a paternity action.  You may decide you need legal representation if you have concerns about any of the following:

  • Validity of the genetic testing procedures;
  • Calculation of your income for child support and medical support; or,
  • Custody and visitation rights.