Federal Employee Death Prior to 10 Years Service and Survivor Annuities

In a Federal Civil Service divorce, will for Former Spouse who had been awarded a Former Spouse Survivor Annuity always collect on that annuity after the death of the employee?  Not always.

Federal law provides that if the employee completed at least 18 months service, but LESS THAN 10 YEARS SERVICE at time of death, then the former spouse only is entitled to the Basic Employee Death BenefitSee 5 CFR 839.921(b)(1).  This remains true even if a divorce decree and court order accepted by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) had ordered a Former Spouse Survivor Annuity. See id.

The Basic Employee Death Benefit is as follows (See 5 CFR 843.309):

  1. Fifty percent of the final annual rate of basic pay of the employee; plus,
  2. Fifteen thousand dollars (adjusted annually by cost-of-living adjustments for retirees since 12/01/1987; currently in 2017 worth slightly more than $32,423).  See “Amount of Basic Death Benefit(last accessed 11/26/17).

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