Military Divorce: Stats on Military Retirees in Texas and the San Antonio Region

Texas ranks first with 9.95% or 215,818 of the nation’s 2.168 million military retirees living in the Lone Star State.  The top five States with the largest military retiree populations are as follows:

  1. Texas: 215,818
  2. Florida: 202,840
  3. Virginia: 157,821
  4. California: 154,736
  5. Georgia: 99,645

Closer to home, approximately 18% or 38,997 of Texas’ military retirees live in the San Antonio region as measured by those living within the “782” zip code.  If the “781” zip code is added, which includes military retirees in Comal, Guadalupe and Wilson Counties (among other counties in “781”), the greater San Antonio region then accounts for 26.24% of Texas’ military retirees.

Texas’ prominence, and the greater San Antonio region’s prominence, within the overall population of military retirees and spouses underscores the importance of qualified military divorce legal services within our home area.  Speak with a qualified military divorce attorney if you are considering or facing this unfortunate but significant life event.

The source for these statistics is the “Statistical Report on the Military Retirement System for Fiscal Year 2018,” published in May 2019 by the Office of the Department of Defense Actuary.  See (last accessed March 22, 2020).

Author Jim Cramp is a retired active duty colonel and the founder and principal attorney at the Cramp Law Firm, PLLC.  The firm provides a spectrum of family law-related services to clients in the greater San Antonio region, across the United States and throughout the world.  The firm specializes in Federal Civil Service and Military Divorce matters.